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Project Launch

On the 10th of April 2024, we had a successful Community Report Launch for this Photovoice Project at John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University. There were 86 attendees at the event, including 18 displaced people (DPs) from Ukraine and special guest of honour Senator Zaneta Mascarenhas – Federal Member of Parliament for Swan. Professor Jaya Dantas acted as Master of Ceremonies and Dr Tetiana Bogachenko delivered a short speech about the project and its significance.

Four participants and two of their family members provided a short reflection on their experiences of fleeing the war, settling in Western Australia, and the photographs developed as a part of the project. Ms Zaneta Mascarenhas said a few words of appreciation and relevance of the project to the community. Another highlight of the evening was the Echoes of Ukraine choir performing several songs, with Ms Marta Osoba-Buttrose introducing the choir and explaining the background and content of the songs. The event ended with food and networking opportunities for the community to share with one another to learn more about the DPs’ experiences.

Launch Photos

Comments from Attendees

“The event was not only a celebration of the Ukrainian community’s strength and resilience but also a profound reminder of how storytelling can be a powerful tool in healing and uniting people. The stories shared last night, accompanied by compelling visuals, showcased the Ukrainian people’s strong spirit and highlighted the critical role of community and solidarity in overcoming hardships. “Thank you both for your dedication to this important project and for creating an event that did so much more than launch a report; it created a space for connection, reflection, and shared humanity.” – Attendee from a multicultural community organisation

“Huge congratulations on the event last Wednesday! Personally, I am truly inspired, especially by the voices (including songs) of Ukrainian DPs being shared that night.” – Research assistant attendee from Curtin University

“For me, this was quite a moving event, and dare I say brought some serious tears to my eyes.” – Academic attendee from Curtin University

“It was a great event and I enjoyed it very much. I was crying when they singing. I’m sure singing make them feel better after the war experience. Well done this Ukrainian project” – Research assistant attendee from Curtin University

“What an amazing project- giving people hope and belonging in privileging their experiences” – Academic attendee from Murdoch University

Policy Recommendations

1) Less complex visa processes and certainty regarding the future

2) Understanding challenges faced by displaced persons during an ongoing war

3) Understanding that conflict in countries has historical roots

4) A complete up-to-date list of all supports available in Australia and targeted support with employment

5) The need for timely and tailored health care and psychological support for displaced persons

6) Providing opportunities for displaced persons to interact, socialise, and support each other to facilitate such tailored social, emotional, and psychological support

Community Report