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We received a grant to set up a photo exhibition about the experiences of Ukrainian people displaced by the war as they come to settle in Western Australia.

This project aims to develop a better understanding of how displaced persons (DPs) from Ukraine are experiencing their long-distance transition to and life in Western Australia (WA), focusing on the impact of displacement on their wellbeing and use of language(s).

The Ukrainian DPs were invited to reflect on and share their experiences in a creative and meaningful way through interviews and photography. The service providers, employers, and community/non-for-profit/charitable organisations in WA were also invited to share their experiences of assisting these DPs. The project has resulted in a photo exhibition to foster community engagement and a report is being prepared with recommendations for policies and services that affect these DPs directly and indirectly. The exhibition is presented in an online and travelling modes displayed at Community Centres, libraries, schools, and universities.