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Our research team


Jaya Dantas

Dr Jaya A. R. Dantas is Professor of International Health, at the Curtin School of Population Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, and leads several grant-funded research including the Fleeing the war across oceans Photovoice project. Jaya is the Deputy Chair of the Curtin Academic Board (2021-2023) and Dean International in the Faculty of Health Sciences (2018 onwards), Dean – Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging in the Faculty of Health Sciences (2022 onwards) and was Director of Graduate Studies in the Faculty from 2011 to 2017.

Jaya has worked for 34 years in India, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Australia and has undertaken teaching and research consultancies in Pakistan, Timor-Leste, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and South Africa. Her central research interests focus on the consequences of post-conflict adversity on women and youth, the social determinants of health, and resilience and empowerment processes among refugee and migrant populations. Jaya’s research uses rights-based participatory approaches to understand health and social inequalities. She is experienced in international field mixed methods research comprising community household surveys, vulnerability assessments, participatory and ethnographic research.

Tetiana Bogachenko

Dr Tetiana Bogachenko is a Senior Research Officer in the School of Education, Curtin University. She came from Kyiv to Perth more than ten years ago as an international student and has been an active researcher since then. Her research interests include comparative education, educational change and educational technology, second and foreign language acquisition, equity, and Aboriginal education. The overarching aim of her research is to facilitate positive education practices and experience exchange, and to provide better opportunities for underprivileged and challenged communities. Dr Bogachenko has extensive experience in developing and managing research projects in Applied Linguistics and education, engaging with multicultural communities.

  • Bogachenko, T., Khodos, I., Chubko, N., Chybis, L. (accepted). From self-doubt to resilience: Lived experiences of four Ukrainian female researchers and educators coming to Australia. In S. Dovchin et al. (Eds.), Linguistic diversity and discrimination: Autoethnographies from women in academia. Routledge.
  • Bogachenko, T., Oleinikova, O., Steele, C., & Boucher, A. (2023). Language, agency, and displacement: Ukrainian war refugees in Australia. Unpublished report. 
  • Oleinikova, O., Dantas, J., & Bogachenko, T. (2022). Australia’s special visa program for Ukrainians to end, despite war raging on. The Conversation.
  • Bogachenko, T., & Oliver, R. (2020). The potential use of tasks in post-Soviet schools: Case studies from Ukraine. In C. Lambert & R. Oliver (Eds.), Using tasks in second language teaching: Practice in diverse contexts (pp. 162-177). Bristol: Multilingual Matters.
  • Shay, M., Oliver, R., McCarthy, H. C., Bogachenko, T., & Pryor, B. M. (2021). Developing culturally relevant and collaborative research approaches: A case study of working with remote and regional Aboriginal students to prepare them for life beyond school. The Australian Educational Researcher, 2021.

Larysa Chybis


Ms Larysa Chybis is a Research Assistant and a PhD student in the School of Education, Curtin University, and an Interpreter. Whereas her major research interest is in the field of migrant cultural studies, her other interests include second and foreign language teaching, comparative linguistics, English literature and environmental studies. Also, Ms Chybis dedicates her time to teaching English to Ukrainian displaced persons and refugees helping them to settle down in Australia. Ms Chybis obtained her master’s degree in Ukraine where her major professional activity was teaching English in tertiary educational institutions.

Along with her other publications, Ms Chybis has contributed to the chapter ‘From self-doubt to resilience: Lived experiences of four Ukrainian female academics coming to Australia’ in the Edited Volume ‘Linguistic diversity and discrimination: Autoethnographies from Women in Academia’.

Yuan Lim

A graphic design research assistant who helps in workshops in providing photography advice and feedback for the participants. Having time to get familiar with our attendees, he had a privilege to put together their photographs into a series of banner to showcase their stories.

He enjoys a variety of creative fields and looks forward to broadening his knowledge in design and technology. He is also responsible for maintaining the Ukrainian Photovoice website content and updates.

Receiving the project grant from Lotterywest (Tetiana and Jaya)
Project team planning time (Larysa, Tetiana, Jaya, Georgia, Zakia)
First Photovoice Workshop held April 2023 (Georgia, Larysa, Jaya, Tetiana, Yuan)