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With Ukraine in our hearts

Wherever we are, Ukraine is always in our hearts 

Displacement means “forced”, or “involuntary”, movement of people who had to leave their homes not by choice but due to the external forces out of their control (United Nations’ 2019 “Glossary on Migration”). While feeling grateful for the opportunity to find safety, Ukrainian DPs remain strongly connected to their homeland, the cities and towns they had to flee, and friends and family who are still in danger back home.  

Everything around reminds of home as Australia has an abundance of yellow and blue landscapes: the sand and the ocean, the desert and the sky, the fields and the rivers. On the Ukrainian flag, yellow stands for fields of wheat (Ukraine is one of the largest producers of wheat and sunflower oil) and symbolises fertile land, hard work, and prosperity. Blue stands for the sky, a symbol of freedom and peace. Having access to healthy food and feeling safe are essential human rights. Through this theme, the participants also wanted to share more about their rich culture and history.